Hainan FTP One-Stop Policy Enquiry Platform makes investing easy

Hainan International Media Center (HIMC)

HAIKOU, China, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A report from Hainan International Media Center (HIMC):


On Nov. 15, the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP)'s one-stop policy enquiry platform () was launched, giving users access to the key FTP policies, Q&A sheets from many different government departments, and all the information they need to confidently invest in China's southern Hainan Province.


Homepage of the Hainan Free Trade Port One-stop Policy Enquiry Platform


The platform serves as a guide for investors, entrepreneurs, and workers coming to Hainan, using cutting-edge AI technologies to provide friendly, useful advice in Chinese and English as well as original texts of Hainan's policies, policy interpretations, use cases, use conditions, step-by-step guides to different procedures, and more.


The platform also provides detailed consulting services for each policy, as well as connections to a variety of other local government service portals (such as "Haiyiban" and "12345"), bringing a huge variety of services and information together in one site. If users have any questions or suggestions, they are welcome to leave a message - the government work hotline "12345" will respond promptly.


In order to promote awareness and understanding of Hainan FTP policies, this platform provides FTP information meeting the needs of many different types of users, interpreting Hainan's policies from an international perspective and offering a decision-making reference for investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals from around the world in one convenient, easy to use location.


Development of the Hainan FTP, the world's largest free trade port, began in 2020. A master plan laying out policy direction for the new FTP was released on June 1 of that year. Since then, Hainan has implemented over 180 policies, including zero tariffs, low tax rates, and a simplified tax system. The FTP policy and institutional system has been established to facilitate free trade and investment, free cross-border capital flows, free and convenient transportation, and safe and orderly data flows. The FTP will continue working to create a convenient international business environment governed by the rule of law, flinging open the door to doing business in China.


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